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You will find one of the best watch faces collection in Watch Face – Minimal & Elegant for Android Wear OS app. It has over 30,000 watch faces to choose from. You just have to buy the app for $1.99 and you will unlock all the watch faces for your Android Wear. You get the maximum customization possible.

30 Best Android Wear OS Watch Faces for everyone. Cool, beautiful, functional, fun, manly, luxury, customizable, nerdy, simple, artsy, & more. 10 best Wear OS watch faces! - Android Authority

Watch Face -WatchMaker Premium for Android Wear OS.All watch faces can be changed and modified to your liking using the included watch maker. You can also make your own personal watch from scratch by customizing background, numbers, markers, hands and add different information to...

Thanks to AppGlobe for making todays video possible! I've been scouring around for cool watch faces to refresh my look with the…Watch Faces for Android Wear 4.3 Apk (Android 4.3.x - Jelly… 'Watch Faces for Android Wear' by Intellicom you can choose your next watch face from a huge gallery containing thousands of cool watch faces.,news-19172.html

Add cool new faces with Premium Watch Face to your android wear.While this app is a nice try at something new, honestly, we’re not all that impressed by these new watch faces. Perhaps an updated version of the app or another developer will offer some more attractive watch faces in the future, and... 6 Cool Watch Faces For Your Android Wear Smartwatch If you’ve read our guide to picking an Android Wear smartwatch and have a shiny new toy on your wrist, congratulations! While Android Wear hasn’t really become a must-have yet, it has lots of cool functions that are only getting better as time goes on. Facer Android Wear Watch Faces 5.1.15_101155 for Android… Another interesting feature here is that Facer Android Wear Watch Faces lets you use and create your own themes.And, from there, you'll also get to share your creation with other users. Facer Android Wear Watch Faces is an app that almost a basic necessity for any Android SmartWatch owner. 12 awesome custom watch faces for Android Wear... | Mobile… Google don’t yet officially support custom watch faces on Android Wear smartwatches like the G Watch and Moto 360, but that hasn’t stopped developers from creating hundreds of them.I hope you’ve found some cool watch faces for your Android Wear smartwatch!

25 Beautiful Android Wear Watch Faces - HKDC Android Wear users with the ability to read binary in an instant should try out this watch face. The hours, seconds and minutes are translated into binary, which on the watch is shown as colored dots. You can change the colors of the dots, with premium features letting you display the time in decimals, for those who need a little help. The best Wear OS watch faces to download - So you've got your Wear OS smartwatch, made your way through that tutorial and now you're ready to see what that watch is made of. One thing you know it's going to be able to do, of course, is ... 5+ STUNNING Watchfaces (Wear OS/Android Wear) | April 2018 ... These amazing watchfaces have got you covered no matter what! Latest video here: Comment for more Wear OS videos! -----LIN... 9 exceptional Android Wear watch faces | Computerworld

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